Wealth Corner

Is there really a thing called the Wealth corner in Feng Shui?

This is a widely believe myth made by the “spiritual” feng shui schools.


They will walk around the house holding the Luo pan or Chinese compass to locate the wealth sectors, wealth spots or corners.

Well, Qi don’t really squat in one corner. Only spirits squats in a spot.

Once I was told a master entered the house, whipped out his high technology hand phone and started to walk around the house as if he was searching something. Finally, he points to a spot in the house and said in an excited tone “Here is the Wealth Spot!”.

The old Aunty who engaged this master eventually went on the engage my student’s services after a few years. Obviously it was all a show game by this fake feng shui master.

Many folks mix up between Feng Shui Qi and Spirits. Although they are both a type of energies, they operate at different frequencies and require the attention of different type of expertise.



Prosperity Plant Enhance Your Office Feng Shui

A Shop engaged a feng shui master to help their ailing business. Guess what he did, he asked the owner to place a plant at certain sector to block the bad Qi.

And guess what happened? The plant survived but not the owner!

Get real! How can a small plant block bad Qi!

Where have the common sense  of common people gone to?

! Money Plant !

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T Junction Feng Shui

What are most thoughts when one buys a T junction property? It’s Bad Feng Shui!

That was what I hear of 10 years ago but today it has changed. Today T-Junction is bad only for Residential Properties and it’s Ok for Commercial Properties!


Ok, so why distinguish between Residential and Commercial? Can the Qi identify if one property is for residential or house versus a commercial property say an Office or Shop Feng shui?

Ah!…stop! this is a commercial property, I must turn my behavior to be good Qi ! Do you really think we are Alice in Wonderland ?

Holy crapb! Yet so many are so naive to buy into this rubbish!

Beating head against the wall

Think Straight! There is no such thing as a distinction between  Home or Office Feng shui. If the theory is REAL, it should applies to both types of properties because Qi has no brain, it cannot tell the difference!

So it is true to say that  45% of the world population are left brain while 45% are right brain and that leaves 10% that has no brain! Now that you read this article, I think you don’t belong to this 10%!

Yours Truly,